Download All products and their manuals can be downloaded here. They will work in demo mode until they are unlocked. Please download and test the desired product before purchasing! Purchase Enter the desired quantity into the order form below and hit buy or hit a product link directly. Either will initiate the purchase that will get you your key to unlock the product. Share*it! will do the actual order processing and delivery of the keys using a secure website. Please note Each License is valid for a single user. There are no flaoting licenses available at the moment. But render nodes are included and free of charge.
Only electronic delivery is available. There is no physical shipment. If you are intersted in Licenses for private use (After Effects and OpenFX) or want to ugrade an existing AE License to an OpenFX version please contact Sales.
Volume Licensing Most of the plugins have lower prices when ordering multiple licenses. When following their order links there will be a link named "Volume discount prices". Click it for details please.
Lenscare OpenFX $239
Lenscare AfterEffects $199
Lenscare Photoshop $89

Flair OpenFX $149
Flair AfterEffects $149
Flair Photoshop $59

Fresh Curves AfterEffects $69
ZbornToy AfterEffects $90

All prices are in US-Dollar without VAT.